Waxing poetic about monkeys, mommies & tan vans.

Powellfest 07

There was sugar, DEAR LORD was there ever sugar. Just imagine it, Grandmom, PopPop, paint and sugar- a blissfully happy combination. The 17 or so children that attended will not soon forget Powellfest 07. I’m sure I speak for all of the parents when I say that we are still in recovery.

Hello world, I have strawberry cake!

Welcome to the wonderful world that exists only in my head. Life in the Powell house has traditionally kept us hopping now even more so than ever. In an effort to try and keep some of my memories from slipping away, I thought I would start trying to document a little of it for my own personal enjoyment.

I can’t promise that it will always make sense- I can’t promise that it will even be relevant- But I can promise that it will make me (and some of the oddballs that I count as friends) smile.

So without further ado I invite you to enjoy the strangeness that I call my life or in the immortal words of The Sugarcubes- “Come down naked man, I have strawberry cake”.